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Introducing DecStack

The Center of the Decentralized World

We know we’re not the only ones out there working on awesome decentralized applications and frictionless cryptos.  There are a number of fantastic projects, all at various stages, focusing on different aspects of the problem from different angles.There’s Maidsafe, Matrix plus Riot, Tezos, QTUM, Block.One, Golem, Syscoin, Blockstack, Consensys, DAOStack, DigiByte, Coinomi, Jaxx, Exodus, Electrum, IPFS, Synereo, Signal, NEM, Backfeed, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many, many more.

Ask yourself this:

Why are we all working on this in silos?

What would happen if we all worked together?

That’s why we’re setting up a crypto consortium, DecStack, short for Decentralized Stack, an umbrella organization to unite the best minds in the crypto universe.

If you’re out there working on decentralized apps and crypto, we want you!

We’re not saying leave your project behind.  No way.  We’re saying maybe you’re missing a marketing person or a UX designer?  Come into the fold and find them.

How do we do that?

We just set up a free Mattermost server for all of you to come use at no cost.  Think of it as a virtual co-working space for decentralized projects.  Mattermost is an open-source alternative to Slack.  Come into it and network with the wider crypto world.

Why not Slack?  Because we all use Slack but we all hate that they hold our data hostage.

Slack is like the Mafia.  You can get in, but you can’t get out.  You’ve hit 10,000 messages?  Now pay up suckers.  Screw that.  We can do better as a community.

In future we’re planning to set up individualized Mattermost servers for each project that wants one that’s free for life.  We’re figuring out some funding wrinkles for it now.  But we do know this:

You’ll control it.  We’ll have no access unless you want us to have some as a regular user.

And you know what?  We’re just going to give it away.  No strings attached.  It’s yours.  We’re giving back without expectations.

Right now though we have the virtual co-working space for all of us.  If you’re working on a decentralized project, pop over to DecStack and click the Mattermost icon to get an invite.  That’s where you can network and find other like minds for your projects or collaborate with sister projects.

Together we can stack the deck against the disease of over-centralization forever.

So come into the fold.  Join us.  Socialize.  Work together.  Share code and ideas.  Make your ideas better through feedback.  Find new friends.  Meet your new family.

Decentralized apps of the world unite!